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The following Custom DTDs, Style Sheets, tools, and documentation are maintained using Arbortext 7.x.

DTD, catalog, DCF, Screen FOSI, XSL-FO, SGML/XML sample files, and HTML LIVE DTD TOOLs

(includes links to lists of updates for each DTD type).

The following are managed by LDAC and used by AMCOM.

The following are managed and used by AMCOM:

Business Rules


Arobrtext Custom Folder (Includes all custom doctypes, entities, graphics and fonts)

Unzip and place in the Arbortext 7.x install path (i.e., C:\Program Files\PTC\Arbortext Editor\custom) or the location of your choice. Don’t forget to set the environment variable APTCUSTOM to the custom folder path.

Miscellaneous Downloads


The Entities, Circle Fonts, and Miscellaneous Graphics and Emergency Borders are included in the CUSTOM Download above.
The Standard Symbols are correctly sized warning icons, symbols, sample DA2028, placeholders, etc. provided to our customers. There is no need to re-create the warning icons used in Technical Manuals when you use these graphics. We recommend you provide this in a central location to allow your editors to copy them to their TMs appropriate graphic folder for portability.

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